Les États généraux du film documentaire 2019 Story of a production: Macalube Films

Story of a production: Macalube Films

Friday 23.08, 14:30, Salle Cinéma

Macalube Films owes its name to the natural reserve of Macalube d’Aragona, a volcanic terrain in the south of Sicily. Founded in 2012, the company I lead is dedicated to the production of documentary films. Our choice of films is guided by the desire to accompany filmmakers in audacious and singular proposals, as much in terms of formal invention as in an original approach to story-telling. Hence it is with great pleasure that we have accompanied Matthieu Dibelius, Angelo Caperna, Caroline Capelle and Ombline Ley, Basile Doganis, Jean-Pierre Thorn, Luc Decaster, and that we have coproduced with Taswir Films the two most recent films by Axel Salvatori-Sinz : Chjami è rispondi and Les Chebabs, le film et moi.
Today we are turning more and more to feature-length documentaries such as In the Mighty Jungle  by Ombline Ley and Caroline Capelle and Jean-Pierre Thorn’s L’Âcre Parfum des immortelles, as well as toward international coproductions, with the planned feature-length film Les Oubliés by Mery Aghakhanyan, whom we met at the Erevan coproduction meetings organised by Lumière du monde and coproduced with Renaissance Films (Armenia), Bildschön Filmproducktion (Germany) and Domino Productions (Belgium). 
The film in focus in this “story of a production” is L’Âcre Parfum des immortelles by Jean-Pierre Thorn, which will have its premiere screening at Lussas. Its production mobilised us for five years during which Jean-Pierre and we followed a path full of traps and surprises, a ceaseless succession of hopes and deceptions, the outcome of which is the theatrical release of the film in cinemas next Autumn, organised with brio by the company Les Acacias.

Anne-Catherine Witt

Encounter moderated by Alizée Mandereau (production manager, Tënk).
In the presence of Anne-Catherine Witt (producer, Macalube Films).