Les États généraux du film documentaire 2021 Procirep


This year, we have the pleasure of celebrating the thirty-third anniversary of the États généraux du film documentaire at Lussas, an event which each year reunites all lovers of documentary, that genre so vibrant, so much in constant renewal, expressing a formal liberty acclaimed by all.
This is even more so after the two years of profound mutation that we have experienced.
These États généraux du film documentaire are always the result of new questions, of a motivating true fraternity, and wonderful encounters between the public and professionals as well as among authors, directors and producers.
The États généraux du film documentaire will continue to support the richness, the diversity of ways of seeing that demonstrate an open attitude towards the world which is proving itself more than ever vital. And we can do nothing but applaud the energy with which all the teams working at Lussas have engaged in constant reinvention and adaptation over the past two years.
This adaptation is not only the result of the current health crisis, but also of the dislocation of familiar methods of distribution, and the battle to preserve our genre of film, its diversity, and also its funding.
To be able to debate, confront viewpoints, document the aspirations, suffering, bursts of happiness of our time is today indispensable. Documentary filmmakers in France and elsewhere have been cut off from these moments, but have nonetheless continued their task of speaking about the world from a human perspective.
Because of their singularity, they represent today a chance for education, for debate and for an awakening of democracy. By sharing their works with citizens, they invite us to be open, critical, to share our empathy and emotions.
It is this sort of documentary, vibrant with life and which questions us, that the Procirep supports with conviction.
We wish you all an intense, creative and, not to forget, joyous edition of the event.

Cyrille Perez
President of the Procirep Television Commission