Les États généraux du film documentaire 2019 Viewing experiences Abel et Caïn

Abel et Caïn
Raphaëlle Paupert-Borne
2018 - France - Couleur - 86'

Cain and Abel, the first murder in the bible. A film of mad humour and foolish innocence. The myth resonates with other times, bringing into play the real lives of the inhabitants, farmers and breeders in the high altitudes of the author’s birthplace. A film where painting reflects all creation, all the “first times”, freedom won. A place where a sensual intimacy plays out on the scale of the mountains. That which is visible is carnal (animal?) and painting is a breath of mountain air, of sounds and of light, like blood circulating between the painter, mountain (its people), the camera filming it and us.

Author : Jean-François Neplaz, Brigitte Manoukian, Raphaëlle Paupert-Borne
Photography : Jean-François Neplaz
Sound : Alexandre Rameaux, Pierre-Alain Mathieu, Raphaëlle Paupert-Borne
Editing : Nicola Bergamaschi
Production : Film flamme/Polygone Étoilé