Les États généraux du film documentaire 2021 Doc History: Hungary, at the Béla Balázs Studio Jeunes Mariés

Jeunes Mariés ( Híradó – Ifjú házasok )
Frigyes Gödrös, György Pintér
1974 - Hongrie - Noir & Blanc - 7'

A house for young couples at Szombathely: a grotesque meta-report on the financial problems of young married couples, their dreams of consumerism, the spectacle of commodities and the horror of the imbecility surrounding them. Nothing indicates that we are in a socialist society: advertising, decorations, television, all are the same as those in the capitalist West… (F. R.)

Photography : György Pintér
Editing : Mária Rigó
Production : Balász Béla Stúdió