Les États généraux du film documentaire 2019 Story of a production: Macalube Films L’Âcre Parfum des immortelles

L’Âcre Parfum des immortelles
Jean-Pierre Thorn
2019 - France - Couleur - 79'

A story of passionate love – born in the hollow of dunes in the Landes, until death put a premature end to it – intertwines with the mad hope raised by May 68. I go back into my own past to seek out the rebel figures that populated my films: from struggling workers in the seventies (with whom I shared eight years in a factory) to their children who embraced hip hop culture… and today, “Yellow vests” on a roundabout in Montabon.

In the presence of the director. Debate at 23:30, Salle L’Imaginaire

Photography : Sylvain Verdet, Sébastien Godefroy
Sound : Jean-Paul Bernard, Hadrien Bayard, Julien Brossier
Editing : Emma Augier
Production : Macalube Films, Lyon Capitale TV, Vià Vosges
Distribution : Les Acacias distribution (e.atlan@orange.fr, +33 (0)1 56 69 29 37)