Les États généraux du film documentaire 2019 Viewing experiences Phalène

Artur Sokolov
2019 - Russie/France - Couleur - 52'

Somewhere deep in a large country, along a large river surrounded by forests and swamps, there is a small Siberian village. Seven months a year, this village, Yartsevo, becomes inaccessible: you can only get to it by slowly going up the river by boat. Time then seems to have stopped there. I was born in Yartsevo, and I recently returned there, with my camera, and a question that has accompanied me since I left: what were we looking for when we embarked to leave the village where we were born?

In the presence of the director.

Photography : Artur Sokolov
Sound : Peresvet Muhanov, Anastasia Yakovleva
Editing : Qutaiba Barhamji
Production : Studio sibérien de cinéma indépendant, La Fábrica Nocturna