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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2019 Ardèche Département

Ardèche Département

For thirty years, at the heart of Lussas, the États généraux du film documentaire have invited us to observe the world with its history, but above all its reality and the multiple transitions that define it: social, climatic and political. This reality represents a precious material for documentary creation which, beyond the function of documenting, allows us to view from within oneself and society, all the while placing this intimate outlook in perspective with the outside world, be it near or far.
For the first time this year, the festival will operate from L’Imaginaire, a building shared by different entities of the documentary sector, that was constructed last year notably with aid from the Département. This building constitutes for the members of the Village documentaire a tool to think through the next stages of their relations with the territory and to provide an even better welcome for the diversity of ecosystems that nourish the creative documentary industry, be they professional (filmmakers, producers, broadcasters…) or non-professional.
This thirty-first edition of the États généraux du film documentaire is hence the occasion to experience new sites, between Yugoslavia and Vietnam, to capture the Real or the magic of daily life, all the while wandering among the different sites of the festival, from shaded gardens to darkened screening rooms.
The Ardèche Département is proud to support a festival in perpetual movement, truly creative and in touch with its local and global environment. Thanks to its cultural actors, Ardèche is ceaselessly reinventing itself and evolving, and I wish very specially to thank those who make of our Département a land where documentary strives to emulate itself.

Laurent Ughetto
President of the Ardèche Département