Les États généraux du film documentaire 2019 Procirep


A rare event, singular and precious, has been taking place in the heart of Ardèche for thirty years: the Lussas États généraux du film documentaire. A crossroads where all those for whom documentary is an indispensable opening onto the world gather.

The public who attends (in all its diversity) knows that it has come to discover films, creators, countries, universes that will compose an indispensable, precise and changing portrait of the Real.

There, students engage in their first adventures.
There, filmmakers screen their work and confront their high standards with the those of an audience.
There, associations are created.
There, networks unite with platforms in battle.
There, authors come to talk about projects for the first time.
There, producers come to develop theirs.
There, workshops and training sessions welcome the documentary filmmakers of tomorrow.

The greatest quality of these États généraux du film documentaire is to permit real encounters, to allow all those who share an unbreakable commitment to documentary to come together, to communicate their unshakable certainty that this living genre, in constant renewal, loudly claiming its diversity and freedom of form, is an unfailing ally in our inscription within human society.

This is the documentary that the Procirep supports with conviction.

The Procirep is happy to be associated with this new edition and wishes to all some fine discoveries.

Blanche Guichou
President of the Procirep Television Commission