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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2021 Story of a production: Les Films du Carry

Story of a production: Les Films du Carry

Thursday 26.08, 14:45, Salle Moulinage

The company Les Films du Carry was born at the end of 2017 and it produces creative documentary.
Six films are now listed in the catalogue. They demonstrate different production trajectories and are just as different in their forms and formats. They have been or will be screened on television and at festivals. Between development and writing, eight other projects are in progress and with each one, we try to take the path which is at the heart of the way I consider my task: accompany as closely as possible the filmmakers as authors, give them the means in the widest sense to bring their creation to its completion in the best possible manner, and with particular attention paid to two of the three key moments of a documentary project: writing and editing.
When I created Les Films du Carry at the age of fifty-five, with twenty-five years of experience behind me in the world of cinema, I wanted to be coherent with my conception of production as a craft: low volume, but the requirement of quality which involves the investment of time and means: time to make the film at all the phases of its creation (writing, shooting, editing) and time to search for and find the indispensable funding to meet this requirement.
This first showed concretely in the choice to found the company at Le Carry, a hamlet amid the hills of Allier and, by this choice, anchoring the company in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.
Support from the Region, minimal overhead due to the choice to work from home, the unbeatable quality of the work environment gave the company an economic base and a durable mode of operation.
All the filmmakers I have produced have come to Le Carry for a period of writing.
The house which is the logo of Les Films du Carry symbolises the desire to create with this company a human community based on the accompaniment of creators, readers, and technicians.
Inhabited, the company’s first production, has a history that illustrates this philosophy well.

Michèle Soulignac

Encounter moderated by Valentine Roulet. In the presence of Michèle Soulignac (producer, Les Films du Carry).