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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2021 Reruns Alice + Barbara

Alice + Barbara
Camille Holtz
2021 - France - Couleur - 74'

Alice and Barbara live with their mother in a village in the Ardèche. Alice is eighteen and doesn’t go to school anymore. She wants to get her driving licence and find a job. Barbara is fifteen and is entering high school. Over the years, Alice watches her little sister growing up and getting away from home. But she still struggles to become independent. Film supported by Tënk in partnership with the Ardèche Département.

Photography : Camille Holtz
Sound : Gil Savoy
Editing : Céline Perreard
Music : Sébastien Pons, Studio Urgence
Production : Sancho et Compagnie, Vosges Télévision, Tënk