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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2021 Doc History: Hungary, at the Béla Balázs Studio Aube (Andante)

Aube (Andante) ( Hajnal (Andante) )
András Szirtes
1979 - Hongrie - Noir & Blanc - 21'

The power of András Szirtes’ experimental cinema lies in its artisanal nature, the slow and technically demanding development of the material. The most important part of the process is the experimentation itself, the meticulous development of a method for recording image and sound, the shooting itself is a simpler, faster stage of production. The result in Hajnal (Andante) is a truly magical spectacle which solicits all the senses, but also the intellect. Solarisation, macrophotography, blurring, rhythmic variations: each technique becomes transformed into poetry and pure perception. (F. R.)

Photography : József Gujdár, Mihók Barna
Editing : András Szirtes
Music : Ferenc Szigeti
Production : ELTE Amatőrfilm, Balász Béla Stúdió