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Backstage Action
Sanaz Azari
2018 - Belgique - Couleur - 61'

An extra is this figure without a role, a name or a voice, walking through the set in order to make the scenes “look real”. They are as many archetypes, subdividing the people into multiple communities. But who is actually hiding behind those labels, which human beings, what fraction of humanity, which people?

Photography : Johan Legraie, Pierre Choqueux, Vincent Pinckaers, Artur Castro Freire
Sound : Fred Meert, Vincent Nouaille, Fabrice Osinski, Zied Mokaddem, Cosmas Antoniadis, Nicolas Dennefeld, Bruno Schweisguth
Editing : Annick Ghijzelings, Simon Arazi
Music : Pierre Dozin, Frédéric Becker
Production : Iota production