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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2020 Premieres Collective

Collective ( Colectiv )
Alexander Nanau
2019 - Roumanie/Luxembourg - Couleur - 109'

Following a tragic fire at the Colectiv Club, Bucharest, on 30 October 2015, more and more victims treated in hospitals ended up dying from injuries that were not supposed to be lethal. A team of investigative journalists took action to expose the massive corruption of the national health system and other public institutions. By following the journalists, whistleblowers and government officials involved, Collective casts an uncompromising eye on corruption and the price to pay for the truth.

Photography : Alexander Nanau
Sound : Mihai Grecea
Editing : Dana Bunescu, George Cragg, Alexander Nanau
Music : Kyan Bayani
Production : Alexander Nanau Production, HBO Europe, Samsa Film
Distribution : Sophie Dulac distribution (nkawakami@sddistribution.fr)