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L'Eau ne connaît pas de frontières ( Water Has No Borders )
Maradia Tsaava
2021 - France/Géorgie - Couleur - 86'

In the nineties, Georgia lost control of the region of Abkhazia and the border has divided a gigantic hydro-electric plant, linked to the Enguri dam in Georgia by a fifteen-kilometer tunnel. The filmmaker attempts to cross the border and explore the other side with as principal guide the technician and engineer Irakli. All her attempts fail, but she becomes close to people working on the dam whose lives have been broken by past political troubles. She listens to their secret stories, revealing the reality at the border, until another opportunity to cross the border comes along…

Photography : Nik Voigt
Sound : Ana Davitashvili, Tamta Mandzulashvili, Niko Tarielashvili, Tengo Mandzulashvili
Editing : Maradia Tsaava, Anne Jochum, Jérôme Huguenin-Virchaux
Production : Faites un Vœu/Seppia, OpyoDoc