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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2021 Docmonde La Promesse du bagne

La Promesse du bagne
Joseph Dégramon Ndjom
2021 - France/Cameroun - Couleur - 60'

Detyr, my forty-six-year-old uncle and his thirty-three-year-old companion Adèle, made a promise to each other while they were still prisoners: to make their lives together once they were free. Today, they are living in the village of Nkonga (Cameroon), where they are struggling to start a new life and just over two years after their release, their will to marry is facing opposition from my family. While questioning this atypical love story, I film the couple in their peregrinations, the way of the cross that they endure to keep the promise made in prison.

Photography : Laurent Chevallier
Sound : Hubert Domkam
Editing : Song Wei-Yuan
Production : Les Films du Bilboquet, TV5 Monde, Via Vosges