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La Ville en deux strates ( Niju no machi / Kotaichi no uta o amu )
Haruka Komori, Natsumi Seo
2019 - Japon - Couleur - 79'

Set in Rikuzentakata, one of the towns most affected by the March 11, 2011 tsunami, Double Layered Town documents a workshop designed by Haruka Komori and Natsumi Seo in which four young “travelers” set out to meet the landscape and its residents. They listen to their testimonies and try to convey their memories. At the same time, they recite a fictional tale written by Seo that takes place in 2031 describing the town that once existed.

Photography : Komori Haruka, Fukuhara Yusuke
Sound : Fukuhara Yusuke
Editing : Komori Haruka, Fukuhara Yusuke
Production : Haruka Komori, Natsumi Seo