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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2019 Reruns Blood of the Beasts

Blood of the Beasts
Georges Franju
1949 - France - Noir & Blanc - 22'

A documentary on the abattoirs of Vaugirard (fifteenth arrondissement of Paris) and La Villette (nineteenth arrondissement) in the post-war years, that precisely describes the slaughter and butchering of animals. The cold objectivity of the comment reflects the peaceful professional conscience of the butchers and tempers, sometimes humorously, the violence of the scenes. In this classic, Franju goes beyond realism and establishes a poetic, even fantastic atmosphere.

In partnership with the Film Heritage Service of the CNC.

35 mm proj.

Photography : Marcel Fradetal
Sound : Raymond Verchère
Editing : André Joseph
Music : Joseph Kosma
Production : Forces et Voix de France