The Documentary School of Lussas


In Lussas, the documentary film genre has been asserted as a creation process that is fundamental for structuring and renewing our vision of the world.

For the past 20 years, Ardèche Images has been striving for the continued existence and resistance of this film genre. On top of having organized every year in August Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire (documentary film festivals), the Documentary School of Lussas has offered in the course of the years training sessions in creation documentary: scriptwriting, directing and production.


In Lussas, the documentary village with production, distribution and DVD publishing organizations, far away from urban lifestyle, both time and space are entirely dedicated to reflecting over and experimenting the process of filmmaking.

The training concept of the Documentary School of Lussas is based on all participants’ commitment to applied directing. This is organized in a series of sequences, changing over from collective to individual workings, from experimenting to elaborating purpose definition, from scriptwriting to testing expression tools.

The instructors are filmmakers and technicians who are very demanding, both from an artistic and a vocational point of view.

At the Documentary School of Lussas, shooting and editing equipment, as well as computers, are available. Moreover, trainees and students have access to Maison du doc, the resource center of Ardèche Images, with over 17,000 documentary films.

Films are viewed daily in a theater, and this is one of the basic tools enabling the development of one’s own work in the light of different cinematic statements.


Every year, meetings are held to bring together the newly trained scriptwriters-directors with established producers and broadcasters, so that the newcomers can more easily find their way into a professional network.

This is how every year new films are being produced.

Up to now, over one hundred film projects developed in the training programs of Lussas have been completed.


Master’s 2 in creation documentary

. Directing - Number of participants: 12

. Production - Number of participants: 6

Selection based on CV, documentary film project...

Application deadline


Residency / Training in documentary scriptwriting

February / April - number of participants: 6


Training workshop: documentary filmmaking

September / November - number of participants: 6


Fundamentals for production

September / November - number of participants: 6



Trade meetings

Meant to activate the production process of documentary films, they are a time for expertise and exchange: Les Rencontres Premiers Films (meeting with producers) give our newly trained scriptwriters-directors the opportunity to present their film projects to producers.


Les Rencontres d'août, with filmmakers, producers, broadcasters and public partners, are open to all projects developed in our training programs and to projects that have been granted scriptwriting aid (by CNC, SCAM, Regional Councils…).

Les Rencontres d'août take place during the Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire.

Application deadline

Number of participants: max. 12 projects



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