Request of work copies


Maison du Doc offers online access to the database.


The Club du doc is for film professionals only. Only Club members can use this service from a distance by the sending of work copies.

To have access to films (consultation on the premises or by the reception of a viewing DVD), these different categories of members must pay an annual membership fee as members of the association.

Members depositors : (individual : 15 € ; collective : 15 € (both including 1 free work copy).

- Members not depositors : (individual : 15 € (+ price of the work copy)  ; collective : 50 € (including 2 free work copies).

ATTENTION: the Club is not accessible to the private individuals, these have to address directly the producers or the distributors to have access to movies.

For any viewing of a film from Club du Doc, a DVD duplicate is made from the originally deposited VHS or DVD. Both the DVD and the packaging display a warning message about legal conditions.


These work copies (the users can keep) can only be used for private purposes and duplication is strictly forbidden. The users are responsible for the enforcement of these rules.


Maison du Doc is not the right holder of the films. If you need commercial copies of the films, you have to get directly in touch with the right owners or right holders: producer or distributor. Their contacts are also listed on the website. For each film: click on link available in file.

Should the contact be no longer valid, please contact us.


Duplication and shipping fees for France (digressive), incl. taxes:

1 copy

15 €

2 copies

25 €

3 copies

34 €

4 copies

43 €

5 copies

52 €

6 copies

61 €

7 copies

71 €

8 copies

81 €

9 copies

90 €

10 copies

99 €

For foreign countries:

9 € each duplicated copy, plus shipping costs depending on location


Send your order by e-mail in : after having verified the presence of the pictogram on the form of the movie which indicates that Maison du doc indeed has a medium. Think of specifying the mailing address of the sending and the invoicing, if it is different.

Wait for an e-mail of confirmation before any payment.

Upon receipt of the payment (checks in the order of Ardèche Images), the copy will be sent to you.