Presentation of the Club du doc


Club du Doc is a permanent video library, open to cinema and audiovisual professionals, both on the premises and from a distance (sending of work copies) and reserved for the professionals of the cinema and the broadcasting.

The Club presently consists of a stock of about 18,000 documentary films, most of them French-speaking European films produced after 1992, but also several older films and films from other countries, that are outstanding or noteworthy in the genre.

Club du Doc would like to be able to include directors and producers from other countries. But also to go back in time and have ancient, even classical films deposited, while keeping the same spirit and approach.

logo CDDNB - Not all films in the database are registered at Club du Doc. When they are, a specific pictogram appears.


Created in 1993, during the États Généraux du Film Documentaire, the Club relies on the idea of making up a stock of audio-visual documents for all professionals of the film industry. The co-operative system is based on the fact that having one’s film on DVD (on VHS cassette until 2005) deposited at the Club gives access to all deposited documentary films. Nearly 70% of all deposited films are currently on DVDs.

Films are deposited on DVDs and free of charge. All these films are supposed to be used as mere work tools and only for personal purposes, thus providing all documentarians, directors and producers access to a common heritage.


- The members depositors: all documentary scriptwriters, directors, producers and distributors who have deposited a film are automatically members.

- The other members: the Club is also open to other people whose activity is connected to documentary cinema: institutional networks, festivals, broadcasters, researchers, critics, historians, TV and cinema journalists, specializing teachers and students.

To have access to films (consultation on the premises or by the reception of a viewing DVD), these different categories of members must pay an annual membership fee as members of the association.

Members depositors : (individual : 15 € ; collective : 15 €) including 1 free work copy.

- Members not depositors : (individual : 15 € ; collective : 50 €).

ATTENTION: the Club is not accessible to the private individuals, these have to address directly the producers or the distributors to have access to movies.


The Club is also open to the villagers of Lussas and surrounding places for researching and viewing on the premises only.


To register a film at Club du Doc, fill out the datasheet for the database and mention your wish to have it deposited at the Club.