Les États généraux du film documentaire 2021 Tënk


During the summer of 2016, a first version of the Tënk platform was born, launched on the web by a gang of determined Ardèche citizens, surrounded by a troupe of devoted doc lovers, all decided to offer to the widest possible audience these films that, by their nature, struggle against the flow of images surrounding us; films that change our way of looking at the world: creative documentaries.
This year, Tënk is five years old (or in cat-years, thirty-five) and is growing healthily! Hundreds of films have been able to make their way to our growing number of subscribers, a sign that we are ever more thirsty for meaning, intelligence and unusual emotions.
With the États généraux du film documentaire, the story continues: since its beginnings, Tënk has naturally found its place amid the rich programme of the festival by proposing special screenings and debates. This year, on the occasion of the platform’s fifth year, two films pre-purchased by Tënk will be presented on the big screen: to date, more than fifty films have benefitted from Tënk’s financial and material participation in their production. Alice + Barbara by Camille Holtz and Yonaguni by Anush Hamzehian and Vittorio Mortarotti will be screened on Monday 23, gathered around the theme… “Growing up”, of course!
Because creative documentary is a political way of apprehending the world, it often stimulates the desire for exchange and discussion: a screening of Thomas Lacoste’s film The Democratic Hypothesis – A Basque Story followed by a debate will bring together the film’s crew and researchers to talk about film, citizenship and conflicts.
And because documentary is also listened to, Tënk proposes again this year, in partnership with LSD – La Série Documentaire, a sweet and cool audio breakfast, Saturday 28, under the trees at the Moulinage…
And to conclude, like every year, the États généraux du film documentaire will be on Tënk! Films will be on line as of August 20, selected from this year’s programme or from previous years’ selections of “Viewing Experiences”, “Doc Route”, “Outdoor screenings” or “LaScam Days”.
Have a great festival!

The Tënk team