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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2022 Genoa 2001. A Memory of the Future Carlo Giuliani, Ragazzo

Carlo Giuliani, Ragazzo
Francesca Comencini
2002 - Italie - Couleur - 61'

Genoa, July 20 2001, Francesca Comencini was filming along with other Italian cineasts the demonstration against the G8 summit in which Carlo Giuliani, twenty-three years old, died from a bullet in the face shot by a policeman. Indignant at the slander and vilification aimed at the young man on the day of his death, the filmmaker decided to give voice to his mother, Haïdi Giuliani. Her shattering testimony cut together with images of the demonstration, traces the final hours of Carlo and sheds a different light on the events.

Photography : Mario Balsamo, Gianfranco Fiore, Massimiliano Franceschini, Paolo Pietrangeli, Pasquale Scimecat, Daniele Segre, Carola Spadoni, Fulvio Wetzl, Gianni Angeloni, Luca Bigazzi, Giuseppe Larrucia, Giuliano Ravera, Michelangelo Ricci, Vicenzo Rizzo, Sergio Sche
Sound : Federico Ricci
Editing : Linda Taylor
Production : Luna Rossa Cinematografica