Les États généraux du film documentaire 2021 Reruns Centaure

Centaure ( Kentaur )
Tamás Szentjóby
1973-2009 - Hongrie - Noir & Blanc - 40'

Censored in 1975 even before Szentjóby – an artist of the Hungarian neo-avant-garde – had finished its final version, Kentaur is an apparently classical representation of labour (workers and peasants). But it soon becomes apparent that the dialogues between the workers are post-synchronised and re-enacted: the gap is flagrant, the effect of burlesque is virulent. The film draws attention to the deepest fracture of the Kádár era, that which would slowly erode society: double discourse. Everybody thought and said different things in the close circles of family and friends on the one hand, and at school, work or in public life on the other. (F. R.)

Photography : János Gulyás
Editing : Éva « Etikus » Vörös, Katalin Fundéliusz
Production : Balász Béla Stúdió