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Rendez-vous ( Találkozás )
Judit Elek
1963 - Hongrie - Noir & Blanc - 20'

Here we have the story of a few hours, some afternoon, when two middle-aged people meet in the hope of a possible durable relationship. Judit Elek is one of the first members of BBS to mix fiction and documentary. The two protagonists are in fact amateurs and the dialogue is improvised – Elek simply sketched out the situations. The actress playing the role of the woman is really a nurse, she was looking for a partner by means of an ad in the paper, which is how the director found her. But the role of the man is acted by the writer Iván Mándy, the director’s future screenwriter… (F. R.)

Photography : István Zöldi
Editing : Miklós Jancsó
Music : András Szöllősy
Production : Budapest Filmstúdió