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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2019 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Robert E. Fulton Running Shadow Part 1

Running Shadow Part 1
Robert E. Fulton
1971 - États-Unis - Couleur - 11'

“It was hard to decide whether ‘infinitely complex’ or ‘infinitely simple’ was the better way to describe nature. To look at a field, and to see the whole, from the finest insect to the planet, all composed of pulsing energy. I could see yin and yang in each small part, in the leaf and the root of a tree, the wing and foot of a gull, a white cloud and a blue sea. It was hard to see them all together. That was why they appeared infinitely complex.”

Photography : Robert E. Fulton
Sound : Robert E. Fulton
Editing : Robert E. Fulton
Production : Robert E. Fulton