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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2022 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work : Mauro Santini Vidéo-journaux

Vidéo-journaux ( Videodiari )
Mauro Santini
2001-2005 - Italie - Couleur - 60'

“The Videodiari are conceived without a script, in total liberty during the shoot, in digital format, without a crew, with a camera ready to move depending on circumstances: the act of filming becomes in this way a highly autobiographical gesture of creation that cannot be delegated. The organisation of this day-to-day way of life becomes a narration through the process of montage which does not consist in organising or ordering material according to a predefined scheme: it is in turn a creative gesture proceding by visual and chromatic association. The montage of my films usually follows the trajectory of a feeling, that of the Videodiari stalks the traces of a melancholic existence.”

Photography : Mauro Santini
Sound : Mauro Santini
Editing : Mauro Santini
Production : Mauro Santini