Les États généraux du film documentaire 2021 Ardèche Département

Ardèche Département

After a 2020 edition which deserves applause for the persistence of the engagement it showed and for the very fact of having been held, the thirty-third États généraux du film documentaire will take place in a world still in the throes of a health crisis but which also feels the need to live once again moments of conviviality. Cultural sites are places that favour the encounters we all desire. And on this score, the 2021 Lussas festival promises to fully satisfy its public, both festival goers and documentary professionals.
This return to a more complete edition of the event is good news for the Ardèche Département, which continues its unceasing support of the États généraux du film documentaire as of the entire documentary industry in the Ardèche. From this major event for the cultural life of our territory, we retain the high standards of its artistic proposals, the innovation, energy and adaptability shown by the entire organising crew and in particular by the volunteers. These ingredients have permitted, for thirty-three years, creative documentary to thrive and to be widely shared.
In the light of the announced programme and the return of seminars and professional meetings, the États généraux du film documentaire are more than ever an indispensable meeting place, offering the public a precious space for discoveries, analyses and debates on the world “as it goes”. Once again this year, we will have the renewed pleasure of discovering the point of view of the other and the emancipating power of the collective. For all these reasons, the Département continues its support to the cultural structures of the territory, in particular its associations: they are a treasure for the Ardèche, its inhabitants and passing spectators.

Olivier Amrane
President of the Ardèche Département