Les États généraux du film documentaire 2021 Open air screenings A Distant Thud in the Jungle

A Distant Thud in the Jungle
Céline Rouzet
2020 - France - Couleur - 86'

In the heart of Papua New Guinea, the Highlands attract exotic tourists and foreign oil companies. This is where tribes that are paid to dance gather every year. It’s also where, out of sight, a Huli family and their clan gave their land to ExxonMobil in a dream of modernity. But the money doesn’t come… Caught between rival tribes, greedy politicians and one of the most powerful multinationals on the planet, they feel the earth slipping away from under their feet. While tourists focus their lenses on the meaningless dances, a few kilometres away, a world is quietly disappearing.

In the presence of the director.

Photography : Zoltán Hauville
Sound : Grégory Le Maître
Editing : Léa Masson
Music : Lionel Vancauwenberge
Production : Reboot Films, ElianeAntoinette, Altitude 100, Scope Pictures, RTBF, VOO, BeTV