Les États généraux du film documentaire 2019 Viewing experiences Selfie

Agostino Ferrente
2019 - France/Italie - Couleur - 76'

Using an iPhone, Alessandro and his best friend Pietro film their lives in Traiano, a neighbourhood in Naples controlled by the local mafia and known for its drug trafficking. The two young men relate their friendship and also the story of their friend Davide, who was killed by a policeman. Davide was sixteen, the age they are today.

Photography : Alessandro Antonelli, Pietro Orlando
Sound : Valerio Tedone, Max Gobiet, Antonio Casparriello, Giacomo Vitiello, Sonia Esposito
Editing : Letizia Caudullo, Chiara Russo
Music : Andrea Pesce
Production : Magneto, CDV - Casa delle Visioni, Arte France, Rai Cinema